Материалы конференции

  • Food and nutrition security: the global trends and drivers shaping SDG2 and the solutions to end Hidden HungerBeverley Postma, Strategist, GreenOcean Group — Download PDF (In English)
  • Food security: problems and possible ways of their solutions, Artak Kamalyan, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Agroindustrial integration and food security in the Eurasian Union, Roman Romashkin, Deputy Director, ECFS — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • DryArc Initiative A response to address food & Nutritional security globally and in the Eurasian Region An ICARDA perspectiveAly Abousabaa, Director General, the International Center for Agricultural Research for Dry Areas (ICARDA) —  Download PDF (In English)
  • Global trends in school feeding with relevant to EurasiaHarold Alderman, Senior Research Fellow, The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) —  Download PDF (In English)
  • Agro-holding structures in the context of food security, Natalia Shagaida, Director of the Center of Agricultural and Food Policy Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Digital agriculture, climate resilience and adaptation prioritiesBekzod Shamsiev, Senior Agriculture Economist, The World Bank — Download PDF (In English)
  • Food security: challenges and policiesTorogul Bekov, Director, Agribusiness Competitiveness Center (ABCC) — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Strategy for the Development of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2020-2030, Mansurjon Rasulev, Deputy Head of the Department of Strategic Analysis and Forecasting in Agriculture and Food Production, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan — Download PDF (In English)
  • Climate change and the food security of the Republic of ArmeniaSamvel Avetisyan, Professor, Senior Researcher / Program Coordinator, “AMBERD” Research Center — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • On the way to digital agriculture in Central AsiaMaria Konyushkova, Senior Researcher, Oleg Golozubov, Leading Researcher, ECFS — Download PDF (In English)
  • Introduction of global commitments and tools to eradicate hunger and all forms of malnutritionStineke Oenema, Coordinator of the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition, UNSCN — Download PDF (In English)
  • Key actions and strategies to address current and emerging challenges to food safety and food security: key messages from two 2019 global food safety conferences and follow-upEleonora Dupouy, Food Safety and Quality Officer, FAO — Download PDF (In English)
  • Food and nutrition related actions for prevention of noncommunicable diseasesKremlin Wickramasinghe, Technical Officer, WHO European Office for Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases — Download PDF (In English)
  • The role of food access and utilization for addressing the main food and nutrition security challenges in the world and in ArmeniaJelena Milosevic, Representative and Country Director World Food Programme (WFP) Armenia — Download PDF (In English)

Session 1 Organic Production Development and Market Regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union

  • Economic integration and sustainable organic farming in the Eurasian UnionRoman Romashkin, Deputy Director, ECFS and Sergey Lamanov, The World Bank — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Country study presentation: ArmeniaNaira Harutyunyan, Yerevan Haybusak University — Download PDF (In English)
  • Country study presentation: BelarusNadzeya Batava, Institute of Economy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Country study presentation: KazakhstanGulzhan Nurtazina, Independent Consultant — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Country study presentation: Kyrgyz RepublicNuritdin Djamankulov, Independent Consultant — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Country study presentation: RussiaSergey Korshunov, Chairman of the Board, Organic Farming Union — Download PDF (In Russian)

Session 2 Food Security in Eurasia: Case Studies 2019

  • Integrated approach to the improvement of Сhernozem soils for sustainable agriculture of the Republic of Moldova and the Kursk Region (Russia), Yurie Mosoi and Tatiana Ciolacu, Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection named after Nicolae Dimo and Nina Masyutenko, Kursk Federal agricultural research center — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • The role of cooperatives in the development of the organic agriculture value chain in Russia and Armenia, Artur Rykalin, ECFS and Sergey Meloyan, ANAU — Download PDF (In English)
  • No-till farming in the European part of Russia: current situation, challenges and prospects in the context of sustainable agriculture developmentAnna Kontoboytseva, ECFS, Lyudmila Orlova, National Movement for Conservational Agriculture — Download PDF (In English)
  • The adaptation of land users to environmental and climatic changes restricting the productivity of the irrigated farmland in the Nukus District (Uzbekistan)Tatiana KhamzinaMarina Nechaeva, Research and Development Institute “UZGIP” of the Ministry of Water Resources and Maria Konyushkova, ECFS — Download PDF (In Russian)

Session 3 Agricultural Development and Food Security in Eurasia

  • Nutrition security through community participationAlka Parikh, Professor, DA Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) — Download PDF (In English)
  • ECFS Food Security IndexEvgeniy Tsvetnov, Senior Researcher, ECFS — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Prospects for Russian agrifood exports in the Chinese marketOlga Cherkasova, Researcher, ECFS and David Sedik, Senior Fellow, National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy — Download PDF (In Russian)

Session 4 Natural Resources, Climate Change and Food Security in the Eurasian Region 

  • Innovative approaches in climate adaptation, agrobiodiversity and resource efficiency practices, Nune Harutyunyan, Executive Director, Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus — Download PDF (In English)
  • Organic agriculture of Belarus as a factor of food security in the face of climate changeNatallia Porechyna, NGO «Center for Environmental Solutions», Belarus — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Factors affecting milk productivity in Armenia, Vardan Urutyan, ANAU RectorLusine Tadevosyan, ICARE Research Director, Armen Asatryan, Expert, ICARE — Download PDF (In English)
  • Informing decisions for climate action in Central Asia, Enrico Bonaiuti, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist, ICARDA — Download PDF (In English)

Session 5 Innovations, New Technologies and Digitalization in Agriculture and Food Security

  • Impact of technological transformation on global state of food securityArmen Harutyunyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Armenian National Agrarian University
  • The role of risk analysis for food security and nutrition in ArmeniaDavid Pipoyan, Director of the Informational Analytical Center for Risk Assessment of Food Chain, Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies NAS RA — Download PDF (In English)
  • Investment of vine orchard cadaster system in ArmeniaZaruhi Muradyan, Director, Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia — Download PDF (In Armenian)
  • The results of agricultural land mapping in Vayots Dzor and Syunik marzes of RA using GIS and RS, Gurgen Yeghiazaryan, Head of Chair of Hydrotechnical Structures and Melioration, ANAU — Download PDF (In English)

Session 6 Climate Change, Agriculture and Nutrition-sensitive Value Chains Development in Eurasia

  • Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture in Central AsiaTimothy S. Thomas, Research Fellow, IFPRI, Washington, D.C. — Download PDF (In English)
  • Guiding adaptation to climate change by crop modelling: Parameterizing for irrigated agroecosystems in Central AsiaAkmal Akramkhanov, ICARDA Regional Office for Central Asia and South Caucasus — Download PDF (In English)
  • Women’s empowerment in agriculture and nutrition in Central Asia, Ziyodullo Parpiev, Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan — Download PDF (In English)
  • Nutrition-sensitive value chains development in TajikistanJarilkasin Ilyasov, Senior Research Analyst, IFPRI, Washington, D.C. — Download PDF (In English)
  • Role of cooperatives and clusters in agricultural value chains development in KazakhstanGaliya Akimbekova, Kazakh Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Almaty, Kazakhstan — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Implementation of ICT tools in agribusiness: challenges and best practices in example of TajikistanBakhtiyor Bahritidinov, Neksigol Navovar, LLC, Khujand, Tajikistan — Download PDF (In English)

Session 7 Nutrition Transition and the Role of Food System in the Prevention of Malnutrition

  • Overview of food security and nutrition in Europe and Central AsiaCheng Fang, Economist, FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia — Download PDF (In English)
  • Examples of nutrition-sensitive interventions from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and TajikistanMauricio Rosales, Senior Project Coordinator, Capacity Development Officer, FSN Forum Coordinator at FAO — Download PDF (In English)
  • Food security and nutrition situation in Armenia, introduction of national strategies and policiesAshkhen Shirvanyan, Head of Food Safety Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Armenia — Download PDF (In English)
  • The dynamics of malnutrition, dietary patterns, and food systems development in the Kyrgyz Republic, Kanat Tilekeyev, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Public Policy and Administration, University of Central Asia — Download PDF (In English)  — Download PDF (In Russian)
  • Information technology in medicine and food safety — common groundArtashes Armaganov, Researcher, ECFS  — Download PDF (In Russian)

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